We are group of people have more than 10 years of essential oils experience and have tried almost every brand on the market.

Sadly, we have witnessed far too many tragic and preventable accidents due to inadequate instructions and inferior quality products.

Consumers deserve instructions that are precise and easy to follow and products that are reliable, of high quality and well made.

We could no longer stand by and watch inferior products flood the market. We decided to use our experiences to create a new brand.


Recruited the best specialists in the industry and created a team of the highest caliber. We researched materials from around the world in order to bring you the highest grade essential oils.

we don't just sell essential oils

We Sell a Lifestyle


The Best Services

At Homasy we are committed to bringing you the best in essential oils and diffusers. 

Our products come with complete and accurate instructions that are easy to follow

Access to our support team to address any questions or concerns you may have.